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There are so many animated movies nowadays that sometimes it’s hard to choose the one to watch today. Not only children but adult people also like animations: they give rise to positive emotions and provoke laugh and smile.

Whether you kid or adult I recommend you to watch “Doogal” (Magic Roundabout) movie. This movie will pick you up and take off any stress!

“Doogal” released in 2006 as a family animated comedy. It is directed by Dave Borthwick, Jean Duval and Frank Passingham. It grew up about $7 millions in the United States. Then the movie released in United Kingdom being a bit changed. The original French/British version of the film is available in the US under the title “Sprung”. The movie is dubbed by famous American and English stars: in two different versions it is voiced by different people.

So who are the main characters in the “Doogal” (Magic Roundabout) animation? Let’s sse!

Doogal is a pretty dog who likes sugar and candy. He is a Skye Terrier and the main character.

Doogal has a few friends who help him fighting against evil. They are Ermintrude the cow, Brian the snail and Dylan the rabbit.

Doogal: things are about to get hairy

There are two wizards in the movie. The good one is Zebadee, and the bad one is Zeebad. Zeebad tries to frozen the world with the magic diamonds.

Plot: The movie starts when a shaggy dog Doogal is trying to get a candy from a cart. He put the nail in the road to stop a cart and is waiting for a sweet prize for guarding it. When the cart is going on again Doogal decides to choose the other road. There he meets the strange blue jack-in-the-box-like creature. It takes a decorative Foot Guard figurine with three magic diamonds and disappears. After this even the road and all things around become frozen.

The citizens are very scared because of these occasions. They call the kind wizard named Zebadee. Zebadee is the similar creation and is eager to help everybody. Zebadee knows the evil named Zeebad. He has been living in a mystical prison and is known as ice wizard. But now Zeebad is free. And can freeze all around. He is the very wizard caused the first Ice Age.

Doogal movie
Download doogal movie

The only way to bring Zeebad back to the prison is taking away three magic diamonds. Otherwise the world will become frozen again. The save mission is charged for the friends’ gang: the cow named Ermintrude, the snail Brian, rabbit Dylan and dog Doogal and magic speaking train. They get to know that Zeebad has gathered all three diamonds and can freeze even the sun and realize how serious their mission is. Our heroes go to the snowy mountains and make a camp there.

During the battle taking place next to the Zeebad’s refuge the evil wizard freezes Zebadee and collapses the cliff on which he stands.

Dougal and his friends stay alone without their guide. They have a trip then to the volcano full of traps and skeleton guards. They met Sergeant Sam having the third diamond in his chest. It’s too hard to take diamonds back but our heroes never give up. When Zebad is going to breeze the sun Ermintrude, Brian, Dylan, and finally Dougal do their best to stop him. They get a victory over evil force and unfreeze Zebadee. The ice all over melts and the life in the village becomes happy again.

Animated Character Voice Cast in US Voice Cast in UK
Doogal or Dougal Daniel Tay Robbie Williams
Zeebad John Stewart Tom Baker
Dylan Jimmy Fallon Bill Nighy
Brian William H. Macy Jim Broadbent
Ermintrude Whoopi Goldberg Joanna Lumley
Trian Chevy Chase Lee Evans
Narrator Judi Dench Florence
Kylie Minogue Zebedee Ian McKellen

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